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Prenatal Massage

  • *Relieves muscle aches & pains
  • *Relieves joint pains
  • *Improve sleep
  • *Decrease swelling

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Prenatal Massage

60 Min. Prenatal



60 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a quick full body relaxing massage. Average time given to areas: back 20min., back of each leg 5min., front of each leg 5min., each arm 5 min., neck and head 10min. For a deep tissue massage with detailed work allow your therapist time to work on 2-3 areas maximum.

90 Min. Prenatal



Your body needs some work and you know that 60 minutes isn't gonna cut it. Talk with your therapist and tell them your goals for your session. We can tailor each treatment for your needs but communication is key to a good massage. Don't be afraid to guide your therapist to get the type of work your body needs.

120 Min. Prenatal



2 hours is golden for allowing your therapist the opportunity to really do a full body massage justice. Your therapist will be able to work in detail those problematic areas on your body and still have the time to give to each area outside of those areas the attention they need. Do your body and your therapist a favor and book the 2 hours. You'll thank us later!


How will I lay for my massage if I can't lay on my stomach?

Your comfort and safety is our number one priority. Here at Summit Spa & Float we have a special bolster specifically designed for prenatal massage. This bolster will allow you to lay face down in comfort without harming yourself or your baby. There are spaces in the bolster for your chest and belly. If you would like, we can do the entire massage face down in the bolster. We also have wedges and other pillows to help you remain comfortable for your entire treatment. If the bolster is not comfortable for you, all of our therapists have been trained to do side lying massage.

What are the benefits of Prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage can help with a lot of different things. The main thing is muscles aches and pains. Prenatal massage can also help with anxiety, depression, swelling and sleep quality.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Anne G.

“We had the best experience having a couples massage here! Our therapists were Kevin and Angie and they were phenomenal, we will definitely be returning!”

Jamie R.

“10/10 Megan is amazing and always goes the extra mile with my massage! I will continue to see her and excited to try their other amenities!”