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Botox | Dysport

Injection options listed below are approximate. The amount required varies per person. Your nurse injector will determine the amount needed at your appointment prior to you receiving your injections.

*Same day cancellations for injections are $150 and will be charged to the card on file. Please give 24 hours notice for any injection services that need to be re-scheduled or cancelled. 

Botox $11-13 a unit

Upper Face | Glabella & forehead 32-44 Units

Crows Feet | 12-24 Units

Lip Flip | 8-16 Units

TMJ Pain | 12-20 Units per side

Cobble Chin | 4-12 Units

Migraines | 40-80 Units

Underarm Sweating | 50 units each side

Platysmal bands | Neck 24-60 Units

Gummy Smile | 4-8 Units

Bunny Lines | Nose 4 Units

Downturned Mouth | 4-8 Units

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