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4 Hands Massage

  • Induces maximum muscle relief
  • Increased Flexibility & Circulation
  • Exceptional Experience of choreographed techniques
  • Enjoy a customized session with the healing benefits of four hands instead of two

4 Hands Massage

30 Min. 4 Hands



Only have 30 minutes but want 60 minutes worth of work done? This is the perfect solution, two therapists will have the opportunity to divide and conquer those areas you need worked on to leave you feeling amazing. If you're in a time crunch this massage if the perfect way to get the bodywork you need.

60 Min. 4 Hands



Two hours worth of bodywork in just 60 minutes! Whether you're looking for the ultimate relaxation experience or just needing some detailed work you will be glad you gave it a try. If you've never had the opportunity to receive a four hands massage we definitely recommend indulging at least once. *$179.90 is member and first time client pricing only.

90 Min. 4 Hands



Massage drunk is the state of mind clients frequently experience after this four hands massage, allow a few minutes post treatment in the relaxation room before returning to the real world. This treatment truly allows both your therapists the opportunity to work in detail all the muscles in your body and leave you ready to take on the world again. *$229.90 is member and first time client pricing only.

Why Four Hands Massage?

Increased Health Benefits

It goes beyond indulgence, giving you the health benefits of increased circulation, relaxed nervous system, loosened muscles, and fascia.

Total Relaxation & Calm

Four Hands Massage will knead and coax the mind into total relaxation and calm. You wont want the session to end!

The Perfect Massage for You

Two specially trained massage therapists use their four hands with customized pressure and rhythmic movement to customize the perfect massage for you.

Double the Benefit

You will feel double the benefit from the extra therapy and extra pair of hands in your customized session.

What Our Clients Have to Say


I try to get a massage at least once a month. I had one today and I feel like a completely new person. I work out five days a week pretty intensely so massages are a must! I’ve been to several massage therapists but the one I have now is amazing. If you live in Utah and need a massage therapist you must give mine a try she won’t disappoint.

Aidaly W.

I have been getting massages with Katrina since 2015. I had been to many massage therapist prior but immediately knew that Katrina was the best. Summit Spa & Float is the best relaxing environment that one needs often. Don’t hesitate to visit, you won’t regret it.

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