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Laser Hair Reduction

  • In Motion Painless (no rubber band snap feeling) for most areas
  • Good for all skin types
  • Only 7 sessions needed for lasting results
  • Choose a monthly LHR membership for 9 easy payments


Did you know?
69% of men trim “down there” for their  own preference or for their partners

100% of men want a pain free option!! We’ve got you covered there!

70% of women prefer their partners’ pubic hair to be trimmed & well-kept


Did you know?
56% of women opt to keep their hair trimmed

18% of women prefer to be hairless

Treatment Time:

Depends on area

Thinking about getting a Laser Treatment?

Schedule a consultation to meet with one of our Medical Master Aetheticians or Register Nurses. This time is specifically set aside for you to obtain necessary information about a treatment series. The fee for this consultation is applied towards your treatment if you decide to move forward with your Laser appointments.
If you do not move forward treatment the $50 fee is non-refundable.

Varies By Service Desired

What to expect

Come Clean Shaven

It's important to shave the area you are having treated about 24hr prior to your service. You want your hair follicles to be able to absorb the laser's energy, not your hair as the laser will singe the hair and could potentially burn the skin, and finally the treatment won't be as effective. Avoid waxing though so there isn't skin irritation. We do have showers in our locker rooms and disposable razors here if you forget.


While the results of Laser Hair Removal are not permanent, you can expect results to last for potentially several years. Feel free to come in for a touch up at an extremely discounted rate if you've previously have LHR services with us in the past. Hair grows in cycles which is why we will have you spread out your treatments every 6-8 weeks so we can catch the hair follicles in their different stages of growth. Doing it this way will result in smother skin with more effective results.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Spencer L.

“I was skeptical at first but just a few weeks after my first treatment I started to notice a big difference. Instead of having to shave daily, I can now go about 3 days before having to shave. If this is just after one treatment I can’t wait to see how things are after the whole series is complete.

Loved the laser too, the in motion laser was virtually painless. There was a little bit of a snap with the stationary parts for the armpits, and manzilian area but it wasn’t that bad.” -Feb. 2022