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Couples Options

  • Me Time
  • We Time
  • Smell Good Feel Good
  • Girls or Couples Night Out
  • Farm to Treatment Organic Products

Couples Choices

Couples Facials

2 Organic or His & Her Facials

$69.95 each

Choosing to visit with a friend? Try one of our 5 Organic Facials. Coming with your significant other? Try the His & Her facials which is one Organic Facial and one Back & Beard Facial, no beard required ;)

Couples Massages

60, 90 or 120 Minutes

$Depends on length of time

Enjoy time with your friend or significant other in one of our two couples rooms. Couples massages are popular so we highly suggest booking your desired day and time in advance. Choose from a 60, 90 or 120min. massage. 60min ($149.90 member, $179.90 non-member), 90min ($199.90 member, $269.90 non-member), 120min ($269.80 member, $359.80 non-member)


His & Her Pedicures

$39.95 & 49.95 each

Choose from 2 of our 60min. pedicures with gel nails included for $49.95 each or choose one 60min. pedicure coupled with our men's Cowboy Bourbon pedicure for $39.95 which is 30min. long and doesn't include polish.

Body Treatment & Facial Benefits

Increased Circulation

Body Treatments do feel amazing but are also very beneficial for different reasons. Sugar, coffee, and salt scrubs all help exfoliate the skin helping to excelarate the turn over of new skin but also immediately increase the circulation to the areas being worked on. Your therapist will work on an area long enough to produce a pinkish hue and warming sensation to the skin before moving on to the next area.

Facial for the season

As the weather changes so does our skin, this facial is seasonal so we can treat your skin for our current conditions. Utah dessert winters can be hard on the skin so give it a drink of hydration that won't leave you oily. Perfect for men, women & teens.

What Our Clients Have to Say


This place is amazing! I will definitely be a returning customer! The massage always exceeds my expectations and the float was definitely a fun, new, relaxing experience! Loved it!

Lisa S.

Wow! Spa environment and services are like nothing we’ve seen around here! Massage was amazing. Sam made me feel so pampered and CARED for! Float is next appt., and a facial too!