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  • Virtually painless
  • Requires no downtime
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Results achieved in 4-6 sessions
  • One time treatments not recommended as multiple sessions are necessary for desired results


It can occur during any time of life. These uneven patches of dark skin typically appear on the face, neck, or forearms. These gray, tan, or brownish spots often develop evenly on the brow, cheeks, nose, chin, or upper lip. Melasma develops more often in women with darker skin tones and can be due to UV exposure or hormonal fluctuations, like those associated with pregnancy and menopause.

Melasma treatment at Summit Spa & Float utilizes Harmony XL PRO laser technology from Alma. This minimally invasive treatment utilizes gentle laser energy to help minimize the presence of pigmented areas that are related to Melasma.

Book now, or schedule a skin consultation at our Spanish Fork, UT or Eagle Mountain, UT location to learn if laser Melasma treatment can help increase your self-confidence and refresh your skin’s appearance.

Treatment Time: 30-45min

Still thinking about it?

Schedule a consultation to meet with one of our Medical Master Aetheticians or Register Nurses. This time is specifically set aside for you to obtain necessary information about a treatment series. The fee for this consultation is applied towards your treatment if you decide to move forward with your Laser appointments.

If you do not move forward with treatment the $50 fee is non-refundable.

What to expect

What causes Melasma?

As a prevalent skin concern, Melasma can occur anytime throughout a person's life. It's commonly thought to be caused by hormonal changes, such as those that are experienced with birth control pills and pregnancy. Less common factors that are generally associated with Melasma include sun damage, stress, and familial history.

How does laser treatment for Melasma work?

When utilizing the Harmony XL PRO laser, our team will direct healing light-based energy into darker patches on the surface of your skin. The laser will gently work to diminish pigmentation so that it can then be absorbed by your body. Although areas of hyperpigmentation could become darker at first, they will most likely become less noticeable over the course of a week or so.

Does Melasma come back after laser treatment?

While laser procedures can help lessen the look of Melasma, additional hyper-pigmented spots may develop over time. A number of treatment sessions could be scheduled to help preserve your outcomes.

What is the cost of laser Melasma treatment?

At Summit Spa & Float, the price of melasma laser treatment is determined according to individual skin conditions. We will design a treatment plan to help meet your desired outcomes and discuss the simple payment solutions taken at our Spanish Fork, UT facility.





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