Father's Day Specials - Summit Spa & Float

Father's Day Specials

  • Leave smelling like a man, not a flower!
  • Ingenuity and hard work celebrated with a bit of relaxation.
  • Tame your unruly beard with the "Best Damn Beard Oil" face treatment.
  • Kentucky Bourbon Liquor back and foot scrub.

Choose from our treatment options below…

Father's Day Specials

Best Damn Massage

Do your duty and civilize your beard


The name should tell you what to expect! This is a full body massage using our organic massage cream that ends with a relaxing beard and face massage using our Duke Cannon "Best Damn Beard Wash" and Face Lotion, topping it all off a steaming hot towel. Treatment Time: 75 Minutes Call to add on Gentleman's Bourbon Pedi: +30min +$39.95

Bloody Knuckles

Rough & Tough


It starts with our brown sugar bourbon whiskey body scrub on the back and feet, then enjoy a massage with our Vanilla Bourbon body oil, finally you'll receive a hand and foot massage using our Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles balm. While hard-working hands are to be celebrated, let's be honest; dry, cracked hands feel awful. Treatment Time: 75Min Call to add on Gentleman's Bourbon Pedi: +30min +$39.95

Golfer's Massage

Next Level Treatment


Sore after hitting a few rounds or ready to take your game to the next level? This massage specifically targets the muscles in the forearms (carpal tunnel symptoms), wrists and hands, golfer's elbow, pecs, shoulders and rotator cuffs, back and hips. (Minimal work on lower body) Our clients who are ready to take it to the next level will enjoy this sports massage that will help you add a few extra yards to your swing. Stretching, cupping and scraping are all techniques that will be incorporated throughout this massage. Pressure can be tailored to your comfort level. Treatment Time: 90min

Body Treatment Benefits

Does Bourbon benefit the skin?

Great question! We have no idea, but bourbon tends to make everything better, so why not? We use simple straightforward products for hard working men who just need to check out of reality for a bit.

Increased Circulation

Body Treatments do feel amazing but are also very beneficial for different reasons. Sugar, coffee, and salt scrubs all help exfoliate the skin helping to excelarate the turn over of new skin but also immediately increase the circulation to the areas being worked on. Your therapist will work on an area long enough to produce a pinkish hue and warming sensation to the skin before moving on to the next area.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Mike M.

“This place is amazing! I will definitely be a returning customer! The massage always exceeds my expectations and the float was definitely a fun, new, relaxing experience! Loved it!”

Brennon M

“Definitely the best massage I’ve had, Amanda is great, I’m feeling new again! Amanda is very skilled, professional and was kind start to finish.” 6/5/21